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Mindössze 22 ország van az egész Földön, amit nem támadtak meg a britek valamikor

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Tudtad, hogy ha végigtekintünk az egész történelmen, a britek a létező országok 90%-át meghódították vagy megtámadták?!
Mindössze 22 ország van az egész Földön, mely nem került a britek fennhatósága alá vagy célkeresztjébe valamikor.


Közép Afrikai Köztársaság (Central African Republic)
Marshall Islands
Sao Tome and Principe
Vatican City

Mindezt a legújabb könyvben tárta fel a kutató, Stuart Laycock, melynek címe:

"All the Countries We've Ever Invaded: And the Few We Never Got Round To"

Számos cikkben és valódi (nem főáramú) híradásban foglalkoztak vele

Europe [invaded 29/47 = 62%]

  1. Albania: [supportedBattle of Durazzo (1918)

  2. Andorra: [none]

  3. Austria: [invadedItalian Front of World War I (1917)

  4. Belarus: [none?]

  5. Belgium: [invaded parentBattle of Blenheim (1704)

  6. Bosnia and Herzegovina: [invaded substatesOperation Deny Flight (1993)

  7. Bulgaria: [invadedBalkans Campaign of World War I (1918)

  8. Croatia: [invaded parentBattle of Lissa (1811)

  9. Cyprus: [invadedThird Crusade (1191); crusaders led by King Richard I

  10. Czech Republic: [supportedOperation Anthropoid (1942)

  11. Denmark: [invadedBattle of Copenhagen (1807)

  12. Estonia: [invaded parentAnglo-Russian War (1808)

  13. Finland: [invadedRaid on Petsamo (1941)

  14. France: [invadedOperation Overlord (1944), and many, many more…

  15. Germany: [invadedWestern Allied invasion of Germany (1945)

  16. Greece: [invadedDon Pacifico affair (1850; blockade); also involved in the Greek Civil War and Dekemvriana events, but on side of winners.

  17. Hungary: [none] though there were a couple of ‘blind’ Special Operations Executive drops during WWII.

  18. Iceland: [invadedInvasion of Iceland (1940)

  19. Ireland: [invadedCromwellian conquest of Ireland (1649)

  20. Italy: [invadedAllied invasion of Italy (1943)

  21. Kosovo: [invaded parentKosovo War (1998)

  22. Latvia: [invaded parentBaltic Campaign of the Crimean War (1855)

  23. Liechtenstein: [none]

  24. Lithuania: [none] though before becoming King, Henry IV took part in a crusade there with the Teutonic Knights.

  25. Luxembourg: [none]; Luxembourg did briefly become part of an Anglo-Dutch condominium during the War of Spanish Succession, but without a British military presence.

  26. Macedonia: [supportedBattle of Doiran (1918)

  27. Malta: [supportedSiege of Malta (1798)

  28. Moldova: [none?]

  29. Monaco: [none]

  30. Montenegro: [invadedKosovo War (1999)

  31. Netherlands: [invadedHolmes's Bonfire (1666)

  32. Norway: [invadedBattle of Lyngør (1812)

  33. Poland: [supportedBritish Military Mission to Poland (1919); the UK also bombed parts of German East Prussia that later became part of Poland, but I don’t think that passes the straight face test.

  34. Portugal: [supportedPortuguese Restoration War (1662)

  35. Romania: [invadedBombing of Bucharest in World War II (1944)

  36. Russia: [invadedAllied intervention in the Russian Civil War (1918)

  37. San Marino: [invadederroneous bombing during World War II (1944)

  38. Serbia: [invaded] (Kosovo War (1998)

  39. Slovakia: [none?]

  40. Slovenia: [invaded parentItalian Front of World War I (1917)

  41. Spain: [invadedBattle of Cádiz (1702)

  42. Sweden: [supportedFinnish War (1808); technically the UK and Sweden were in a bloodless war from 1810–12, but the British fleet already stationed in Sweden was never even asked to leave!

  43. Switzerland: [none] though there were a few accidental bombings during WWII.

  44. Turkey: [invadedGallipoli Campaign (1915)

  45. Ukraine: [invaded parentCrimean War (1853)

  46. UK: [invadedWars of the Three Kingdoms (1639)

  47. Vatican City: [none]

North America [invaded 20/23 = 87%]

  1. Antigua and Barbuda: [invaded substatesColonial settlement of Antigua(1632)

  2. Bahamas: [invaded substatesEleutheran Adventurers (1648)

  3. Barbados: [invaded substatesColonial settlement (1627)

  4. Belize: [invaded parentBattle of St. George's Caye (1798); not sure how to count this: it was the Spanish that first claimed sovereignty over the locals, but the English settlements that displaced them.

  5. Canada: [invaded substatesColonisation of British Columbia (1863)

  6. Costa Rica: [none]; though it did see British pirate activity.

  7. Cuba: [invaded parentInvasion of Cuba (1741)

  8. Dominica: [invaded parentInvasion of Dominica (1761)

  9. Dominican Republic: [invaded parentSiege of Santo Domingo (1655)

  10. El Salvador: [none]; though it did see British pirate activity.

  11. Grenada: [invaded parentInvasion of Grenada (1762)

  12. Guatemala: [none]; though it did see British pirate activity.

  13. Haiti: [invaded parentHaitian Revolution (1793)

  14. Honduras: [invaded substatesBlack River settlement (1732)

  15. Jamaica: [invaded parentInvasion of Jamaica (1655)

  16. Mexico: [invadedConvention of London (1861; landed force but no fighting)

  17. Nicaragua: [invadedNicaragua Crisis of 1895 (1895)

  18. Panama: [invaded parentBattle of Porto Bello (1739)

  19. Saint Kitts and Nevis: [invaded substatesKalinago Genocide (1626)

  20. Saint Lucia: [invaded substatesColonial settlement (1639)

  21. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines: [invaded substatesFirst Carib War(1769)

  22. Trinidad and Tobago: [invaded substatesColonial settlement of Tobago(1649)

  23. United States: [invadedWar of 1812 (1812)

South America [invaded 7/12 = 58%]

  1. Argentina: [invadedBritish invasions of the River Plate (1806)

  2. Bolivia: [none]

  3. Brazil: [invadedBlockade of Río de Janeiro (1863; blockade)

  4. Chile: [none] though the Battle of Valparaíso against the US took place in Chilean waters.

  5. Colombia: [invaded substatesProvidence Island colony (1631)

  6. Ecuador: [none] though British Legions of volunteers fought for independence.

  7. Guyana: [invaded parentFourth Anglo-Dutch War (1781)

  8. Paraguay: [none]

  9. Peru: [none] though British Legions of volunteers fought for independence.

  10. Suriname: [invaded substatesColonial settlement (1630)

  11. Uruguay: [invadedBritish invasions of the River Plate (1806)

  12. Venezuela: [invadedVenezuelan crisis of 1902–03 (1902; blockade)

Asia [invaded 35/46 = 76%]

  1. Afghanistan: [invadedFirst Anglo-Afghan War (1839)

  2. Armenia: [supportedCaucasus Campaign (1918)

  3. Azerbaijan: [invadedBattle of Baku (1918); not sure how to count this: Baku was ostensibly still Russian and the British fought at the invitation of the ruling Centrocaspian Dictatorship but against Azerbaijan Democratic Republic.

  4. Bahrain: [invaded1905 ultimatum (1905)

  5. Bangladesh: [invadedBattle of Plassey (1757)

  6. Bhutan: [invadedBhutan War (1864)

  7. Brunei: [invadedCapture of Brunei Town (1846)

  8. Cambodia: [supported parentJapanese surrender (1945); accepted the Japanese surrender on behalf of the French south of the 16th parallel.

  9. China: [invadedFirst Opium War (1839)

  10. East Timor: [supportedInternational Force for East Timor (1999)

  11. Georgia: [supportedOccupation of Batumi (1919); captured from the Ottomans ostensibly on behalf of the White Russians and later ceded to Georgia.

  12. India: [invaded substatesAnglo-Indian Wars (1766 onward)

  13. Indonesia: [invadedOperation Claret (1964)

  14. Iran: [invadedAnglo-Persian War (1856)

  15. Iraq: [invadedAnglo-Iraqi War (1941)

  16. Israel: [invaded parentSinai and Palestine Campaign (1917)

  17. Japan: [invadedAllied naval bombardments of Japan during World War II(1945)

  18. Jordan: [invaded parentThird Transjordan attack (1918)

  19. Kazakhstan: [invaded parentBritish Caspian Flotilla (1918)

  20. Kuwait: [supportedKuwait-Najd War (1920)

  21. Kyrgyzstan: [none]

  22. Laos: [supported parentJapanese surrender (1945); accepted the Japanese surrender on behalf of the French south of the 16th parallel.

  23. Lebanon: [invaded parentSyria–Lebanon Campaign (1941)

  24. Malaysia: [invaded substateSettlement of Penang (1786/90); Penang was ceded to the British East India Company in 1786 but under false pretenses, with an unsuccessful attempt to retake it in 1790 when this was discovered.

  25. Maldives: [supportedRAF Gan (1941); British airfield leased in exchange for economic aid.

  26. Mongolia: [none]

  27. Myanmar: [invadedFirst Anglo-Burmese War (1824)

  28. Nepal: [invadedAnglo-Nepalese War (1814)

  29. North Korea: [invadedKorean War (1950)

  30. Oman: [invaded substatesJebel Akhdar War (1959)

  31. Palestine: [invaded parentSinai and Palestine Campaign (1917)

  32. Pakistan: [invaded substatesFirst Anglo-Sikh War (1845)

  33. Philippines: [invaded parentBattle of Manila (1762)

  34. Qatar: [invadedBombardment of Doha (1821)

  35. Saudi Arabia: [invaded parentArab Revolt (1916) against the Ottoman Empire in support of the local population.

  36. Singapore: [supportedBattle of Singapore (1942)

  37. South Korea: [invadedPort Hamilton incident (1885)

  38. Sri Lanka: [invadedKandyan Wars (1796)

  39. Syria: [invaded parentSyria–Lebanon Campaign (1941); Britain is also taking part in the American-led intervention in Syria, though this is targeted at ISIS and appears to have the grudging acceptance of Damascus.

  40. Tajikistan: [none]

  41. Thailand: [invadedBombing of Bangkok in World War II (1942)

  42. Turkmenistan: [invadedMalleson mission (1918)

  43. United Arab Emirates: [invaded substatesPersian Gulf campaign (1809)

  44. Uzbekistan: [none]

  45. Vietnam: [supported parentWar in Vietnam (1945); fought on behalf of the French colonial administration against the communist independence movement.

  46. Yemen: [invaded substatesAden Expedition (1839)

Africa [39/54 = 72%]

  1. Algeria: [invadedBombardment of Algiers (1816)

  2. Angola: [invaded substatesFort in Cabinda (1721); short-lived fort that came into conflict with local Woyo people and Portuguese colonial presence

  3. Benin: [invaded substatesFort William (1682)

  4. Botswana: [invaded substatesBechuanaland Expedition (1884)

  5. Burkina Faso: [none]

  6. Burundi: [none]

  7. Cameroon: [invaded parentKamerun Campaign (1914)

  8. Cape Verde: [none] though a British fleet was attacked by the French at the Battle of Porto Praya; also saw British pirate activity.

  9. Central African Republic: [none]

  10. Chad: [supportedAllied base during World War II (1940)

  11. Comoros: [invaded parentInvasion during World War II (1942)

  12. Congo: [none]

  13. Djibouti: [invaded parentBlockade and invasion of Djibouti City (1942)

  14. DR Congo: [invaded substatesEmin Pasha Relief Expedition attack on Yambuya (1887)

  15. Egypt: [invadedSuez Crisis (1956)

  16. Equatorial Guinea: [invaded parentAnti-slaver attack on Corisco (1840)

  17. Eritrea: [invaded parentBattle of Keren (1941)

  18. Ethiopia: [invadedBritish Expedition to Abyssinia (1867)

  19. Gabon: [invaded parentBattle of Gabon (1940)

  20. Gambia: [invaded parentCapture of Fort James (1661)

  21. Ghana: [invadedAnglo-Ashanti wars (1823)

  22. Guinea: [none]; the Îles de Los were obtained by treaty.

  23. Guinea-Bissau: [none]; discounting a failed attempt to colonise the uninhabited island of Bolama

  24. Ivory Coast: [none]

  25. Kenya: [invaded substatesKikuyu oppression (1895)

  26. Lesotho: [invaded substatesBasuto Gun War (1880)

  27. Liberia: [invadedSeizure of John Seys from Buchanan harbour (1842); Britain only recognised Liberian sovereignty in 1848.

  28. Libya: [invaded2011 military intervention in Libya (2011)

  29. Madagascar: [invaded parentBombardment of Tamatave (1845)

  30. Malawi: [invaded substatesColonisation of Shire Highlands and Blantyre(1876)

  31. Mali: [supportedOperation Serval (2013)

  32. Mauritania: [invaded parentCapture of Arguin (1665)

  33. Mauritius: [invaded parentInvasion of Isle de France (1810)

  34. Morocco: [invaded parentOperation Torch (1942)

  35. Mozambique: [supported parentBattle of Nhamacurra (1918)

  36. Namibia: [invaded substatesCapture of Walvis Bay (1878)

  37. Niger: [none]

  38. Nigeria: [invaded substatesBombardment of Lagos (1851)

  39. Rwanda: [supportedUnited Nations Assistance Mission for Rwanda (1994)

  40. São Tomé and Príncipe: [none]

  41. Senegal: [invaded parentCapture of Senegal (1758)

  42. Seychelles: [invaded parentInvasion of Seychelles (1794)

  43. Sierra Leone: [invaded substatesAnnexation and Hut Tax War (1898)

  44. Somalia: [invaded substatesSomaliland Campaign (1901)

  45. South Africa: [invaded substatesAnglo-Zulu War (1879)

  46. South Sudan: [invaded parentMahdist War (1881)

  47. Sudan: [invadedMahdist War (1881)

  48. Swaziland: [supportedAnglo-Boer War (1901)

  49. Tanzania: [invaded substatesAnglo-Zanzibar War (1896); the war lasted around 40 minutes.

  50. Togo: [invaded parentTogoland Campaign (1914)

  51. Tunisia: [invadedAction of 14 April 1655 (1655)

  52. Uganda: [invaded substatesBunyoro conflict (1894)

  53. Zambia: [invaded substatesMpezeni rebellion (1897)

  54. Zimbabwe: [invaded substatesFirst Matabele War (1893)

Oceania [5/14 = 36%]

  1. Australia: [invaded substatesAustralian frontier wars (1788 onwards)

  2. Fiji: [none] colonised by agreement with local rulers.

  3. Kiribati: [none] colonised by agreement with local rulers.

  4. Marshall Islands: [none]

  5. Micronesia: [none]

  6. Nauru: [none] captured by Australia in WWI.

  7. New Zealand: [invaded substatesFirst Taranaki War (1860)

  8. Palau: [none]

  9. Papua New Guinea: [invaded substatesAnnexation of Territory of Papua(1888)

  10. Samoa: [invadedSecond Samoan Civil War (1898); not sure how to classify this: Britain intervened on the side of the recognised leader but following the war Samoa was split, with the side Britain fought against making up modern Samoa (the other side became American Samoa). Also captured by New Zealand in WWI at the behest of Britain.

  11. Solomon Islands: [supportedSolomon Islands campaign. Probably colonised by agreement with local rulers.

  12. Tonga: [none] colonised by agreement with local rulers.

  13. Tuvalu: [none] colonised by agreement with local rulers.

  14. Vanuatu: [invaded substatesColonisation of New Hebrides (1906)

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